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Welcome to our support and frequently asked questions page. Over 5 million people around the world are enjoying Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals and Jamie Oliver's Recipes. Once downloaded and installed, you will be ready to cook nutritious, delicious recipes straight away. In the event there is a problem with the application, please read the frequently asked questions below.

If you found your question still isn’t answered or you are still experiencing difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Normally within 72 hours.

Q: How do I delete a recipe from the shopping list?

A: To delete a recipe, from the shopping list screen, press the menu button and then select the 'Delete items' button. Simply tap the red circle next to the recipe name to select it. Once selected, press 'delete selected' to remove the recipe from your shopping list. To simplify the shopping list, recipe items can only be deleted in their recipe groups.

Items that you add yourself or that you add from the essentials section can be selected and removed individually.

Q: Will Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals be available in other languages?

A: Right now Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals is available in International English, US English and German versions. It also provides full support for Metric and US Imperial measurement systems. We have been delighted at the feedback that Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals has received from our customers around the world and will look at additional language versions as demand increases.

Does the app work on all Android phones?

Considerable care has been taken to test Jamie’s 20-Minute Meals on a wide variety of devices to ensure compatibility. There are a number of known problems with Android tablet devices (see below) and an issue with rotation on Android devices that use a default Horizontal screen (typically those with a fixed physical keyboard). Other than these there are no known device specific problems.

If you do experience any problems that you believe are specific to your device then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team to and we will try to help. 20minmealsandroid@zolmo.com

Does the app work on Android tablets such as the Xoom?

The current version of the Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals experiences some display and orientation problems on larger screen Android tablet devices. This includes the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC EVO Shift.

We are working to change this in future updates and for now do not advise anyone with an Android tablet to purchase the app. We will arrange a refund for anyone who has purchased the app and is experiencing problems. If this is the case with you please contact our support team on 20minmealsandroid@zolmo.com with your Google Checkout ID.

Are there any plans to update Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals in the future?

We plan to update the app to ensure ongoing compatibility with as wide a range of Android devices as possible and ensure that the apps works with changes to the Android platform. There are not however any plans to add new recipes or videos to the product which currently contains sixty 20-Minute Meal recipes all of which have been tested and retested to ensure that they taste great and work as step-by-step recipe. All of the recipes also include photography for every step so you can see what you are cooking as you go.

I’m having problems downloading the app from Google / with the payment process. Can you help?

Delivery and purchases of Jamie’s 20-Minute Meals made in the Android Market are controlled by Google and are not something that we have to manually approve or authorize. Specific problems relating to Google Android Market should be sent directly to Google.

Some Market Authorizations problems can be overcome by launching the Google Talk App as this contacts Google’s servers and seems to re-sync your Google account with your phone in some cases.

It is generally the case that waiting a few minutes and/or restarting your phone will resolve the issue and your purchase will be authorized by the Market app.

I’m having problems with the licensing of the app when attempting to download a video / launch the app. Can you help?

If this is happening at startup please try closing the app by pressing the Cancel button (or your phone's back button), then re-launch the app. Ensure that you have a good WiFi signal and it should be able to verify you. In some cases, restarting your phone can resolve this issue.

Additionally, signing in to the 'Talk' app - which contacts Google and helps establish a connection to your Google account - may fix the problem if the rebooting does not work.

Note: There may be a problem specific to the Samsung Galaxy S that we are currently investigating that makes it more sensitive to licensing problems. Please contact us directly if this is the case with you. 20minmealsandroid@zolmo.com

Which languages does the app support?

The app currently supports British English, US English and German language. This includes all of the ingredients, equipment, recipe steps, voice prompts and app headings. The videos are in English with subtitles provided for German users. The app also features both metric and US measurements for all recipes.

How do I delete items from the shopping list?

To delete a recipe, from the shopping list screen, you will need to press the menu button and select the wastebasket icon. You can then tap the red circle next to the recipe names to select those that you wish to delete. Once selected, press 'delete selected' to remove those recipes from your shopping list. Alternately you can tap on the wastepaper icon and then press 'delete all'

To simplify the shopping list, recipe items can only be deleted in their recipe groups. Items that you add yourself or that you add from the essentials section can be selected and removed individually.

How do I delete videos?

You can delete individual videos by holding your finger down on their name in the list of videos. After this 'long hold' you will see an option appear to delete the video.

I have a new Android phone that I want to install the app on. How can I do this?

Your purchase is linked to your Google account. Providing that you sign in using the same Google account on the second device, then you can download the app without having to pay for it again.